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It may have been many years since you passed your driving test, and you have years of enjoyable safe driving experience behind you. But as we age things can change, whether it be our health or the introduction of new technologies, both our vehicles and our driving may need to be updated or refreshed.

Changing our vehicle can be a challenge, if you have been driving the same trusted car for several years keeping abreast of the ever-changing new technology or  keeping updated with new highway code rules, new road systems and the ever-increasing amount of traffic can be daunting. All this change on top of our natural ageing process or perhaps new medications can have an impact on our ability to drive.

Refreshing our skills and abilities or having an assessment is the sensible way forward. Our driving instructors can advise you of assistance devices that can help sufferers of arthritis and restricted movement. 

It may well be that you have had a break from driving and need some refresher lessons to build your confidence and skills or you would like to have some training prior to an assessment by your insurance company or disability centre. It is important we maintain our mobility and independence for as long as we can safely drive and our instructors are always happy to help you to keep it that way.


“Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help at Cats Eyes, with my part 3 training. I was really pleased with my result; I couldn’t have done it without your expert training worth every penny.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to your team at Cats Eyes for all the help and guidance given, initially as a PDI and then my goal as an ADI. It wasn’t easy but you helped me with patience and understanding.”

Steve ADI

“Thank you for getting me through my training, without your help I know I would have failed my last chance at my ADI part 3. I know I still have lots to learn and only wish I had come to Cats Eyes earlier than I had. Speak to you again for my check test.”

Carl ADI

“Thanks for all your help! You’ve been a huge inspiration I’ll never forget, thank you.”

Emma ADI

“I’m writing to acknowledge the brilliant support I received from Cats Eyes Driving School. Firstly they are extremely approachable and professional, I had a wonderful experience and my accommodation was excellent; they were warm and welcoming.”


“As a new trainee instructor I felt very out of my depth but with the fantastic support from Cats Eyes I became a PDI and worked towards qualifying as a ADI and I have not looked back, it was well worth all the hard work and the patience of Sue Newbon and her team. I am now the Senior Instructor Trainer in Plymouth. Thanks again Sue.”

Mark ADI

“Cats Eyes Driving School offers a high standard of training, are highly supportive and are always there when you need them and that’s what makes them different from all the other companies I have worked with.”

Fiona ADI