Terms and conditions

  1. Each lesson booked will last between one to five hours from the time arranged with your instructor.
  2. Occasionally the instructor may arrive after the pre - arranged time due to circumstances beyond his control. The instructor will make every effort to extend the lesson to ensure the full time is given or may add the time to a following lesson.
  3. Payment for tuition is to be made 24 hours prior to each lesson unless a block booking has been made (request a receipt from your instructor). All lessons, courses and block bookings are to be used within twenty six weeks of the date of purchase. Vouchers must be used by the expiry date.
  4. Payments can be made by cash or BACS made payable to your Instructor. Deposits for all courses must be made payable to Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd.
  5. All deposits and vouchers are non-refundable or transferable. 
  6. All instructors are self - employed and franchisees of Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd. All contracts are between the instructor and the pupil. It is the responsibility of the pupil to reconcile tuition received against funds paid to the instructor. Any disputes should be raised with the instructor.  Cats Eyes will not be held liable for any lesson fees paid to the Instructor.  Pupils may pay Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd for lessons, Cats Eyes driving School Ltd shall be responsible for any reconciliation for payments made directly to Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd Head Office. (T&Cs and administration fees will apply for this service).
  7. The pupil agrees that Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd have no liability to the pupil for any loss, injury or damage. 
  8. Pupils may expect, on occasions, to be accompanied by a second instructor or a   supervisor. This is to ensure the highest standards are maintained by the ADI or PDI giving tuition.
  9. The instructor has the right to withdraw use of the tuition vehicle for the practical test if he feels the pupil has failed to achieve test standard.
  10. The instructor charges time allotted for the test at the normal hourly rate.
  11. If a test is cancelled by the DVSA at short notice the pupil is to pay the instructor and claim the refund of lost tuition from the DVSA. Forms obtainable from the DVSA
  12. Your instructor requires 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or lesson fee is forfeited.
  13. It is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure they have their signed valid licence on each lesson including test and inform the instructor of any changes made to the licence e.g. convictions, penalty points or ban.  
  14. It is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure their eyesight meets the required standard for driving.
  15. The Instructor agrees to pay for a new test should the tuition vehicle be unserviceable on the day of test and no other tuition vehicle is available.
  16. The Instructor agrees to maintain a tuition vehicle that is dual controlled, taxed, fully comprehensively insured and maintained in first class order.
  17. It is the pupil’s responsibility to inform the instructor if they have taken any medication or substance that will affect the pupil’s ability to drive.  The instructor reserves the right to cancel the lesson if pupil appears to be under the influence of Medication, Alcohol or Drugs and the pupil will forfeit the tuition fee for that lesson.
  18. Any promotional offers made by the school will only be given on production of a valid relevant identity card.
  19. All complaints are taken seriously. In the first instance please speak to your instructor.  If you are not satisfied we have a complaints procedure and will do our utmost to address any difficulties.
  20. Tuition vehicles may have dash cameras including audio recording for safety and training purposes. Cameras are generally forward and rear facing and may capture all occupants. Recordings may be retained for up to 12 months
  21. Audio recording is switched off for practical test.

(Covid-19)   Students taking driving lessons with Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd.

Thank you for taking lessons with Cats Eyes Driving School Ltd. We have prepared this advice for students who are taking lessons with Cats Eyes Driving Instructors during COVID-19 epidemic, to make you aware of the precautions our instructors will be taking between and during lessons and how you can prepare for your lesson and driving test. By entering the tuition vehicle, you accept the responsibility for any risk and the Cats Eyes terms and conditions below.

  1. Please text you're driving instructor the day before your lesson or reply to the instructor’s text to say you will be attending the lesson.
  2. You’re driving instructor will wait for you by the vehicle and ask if you are feeling well, if you suspect you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please ensure you advise your instructor immediately.
  3. The tuition vehicle will have had all touch points cleaned prior to your lesson with antiseptic wipes or spray and both you and your instructor must clean your hands with hand sanitizer prior to the lesson. Your instructor may ask you to use hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle if you do not have any with you.
  4.  Please bring a face mask or face or mouth covering with you to your lesson, if you do not have one your instructor may provide one for you for a small fee.
  5. If you are exempt from wearing a face mask it is your responsibility to inform the school on booking so appropriate measures can be taken to accommodate your lesson.
  6. Due to the nature of Instruction and requirement for effective communication you’re driving instructor may not be able to wear a face mask and by entering the vehicle you accept this. 
  7. The air vents on the vehicle must not be set to circulation. Where possible and weather permitting your instructor may request the windows of the car to be open to help with ventilation. 
  8. Due to the risk of learning to drive your instructor may have to move the steering wheel or take physical action, this can involve touching your hands or arms please ensure your arms are covered with long sleeves and if you wish you may wear gloves. They must not interfere with the correct operation of the vehicle or you may be asked to remove them.
  9. You may bring your own hand sanitizer for your own use before or during the lesson.
  10. The student & instructor may take a short break during the lesson to open and vent the car or have a drink, hand sanitizer must be used again before entering the tuition vehicle.
  11. No food or drinks are to be consumed in the vehicle during the lesson by the instructor or student.
  12. You must bring and wear a face covering on test day or your test will not be conducted if you did not declare you could not wear one when the test was arranged.
  13. On test day if you make a serious or dangerous fault which means you have failed the examiner will direct you back to the test centre and the test will end.
  14. The examiner’s feedback will be given outside of the vehicle after the test and if you request it your instructor can listen to the debrief as well but the instructor will not be allowed to sit in on the test with you.
  15. Please ensure you use toilet facilities before going to the test as they may not be available in the test centre.