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How to become a driving instructor, the Cats Eyes way!

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Cats Eyes is an establishment with a difference. Our instructor training programme is designed and equipped to give you the expert training you will need to become a first class approved driving instructor.

Cats Eyes has been in the driver training industry for many years, building a reputable school providing quality tuition for both learners and people wishing to become driving instructors. We recognise how difficult it can be for new instructors to find their way through the maze of information available to you. But we are confident that with our experience and support you can become a successful Instructor. 

Cats Eyes is a working training school which has helped hundreds of individuals to become approved driving instructors. Our training school will enable you to gain valuable experience with real pupils, not just role reversal.

Choose from four ways to train  

  • Individual training plan tailored to you, on a one to one basis with our trainers
  • Groups of no more than 3 training instructors on our Intensive programme with a specially reduced price. 
  • Individual Training with our Principle Trainer Susan Newbon
  • Our Free Training Programme for those exceptionally talented individuals that the school will sponsor through their training (usually posted in your local jobcentre when the programme is offered T & Cs apply)

If you’re wondering how to become a driving instructor, then look no further. If you qualify with Cats Eyes, then it is likely you will be offered a position within our driving school. This is the easy way to become a driving instructor.

Becoming a driving instructor – can anyone apply?

Unfortunately not; firstly you must hold a full UK or European Union unrestricted car driving licence, which must have been held for four out of the previous six years. You must not have been disqualified from driving within that period. Naturally, you must be a fit and proper person to have your name entered and as such will have CRB checks completed (Criminal Record Bureau). If you have acquired penalty points or have a criminal record it may not necessarily preclude you from becoming a driving instructor. For full details of suitability please refer to the DVSA website.

The Cats Eyes Instructor Training programme is very flexible and tailored to fit around your lifestyle. You may wish to book a two-week intensive Instructor Course (which can be residential) or perhaps you would like to spread the course to fit in with your current commitments or work? Whichever option you choose – Cats Eyes will help you to become a driving instructor.

For further details about how to become a driving instructor please call us today on 0800 0280 406 or email Cats Eyes – helping you become a driving instructor.

Why Cats Eyes?

We are an ORDIT registered school (Official Register of Instructor Trainers) – we have been inspected by the DVSA (Driving & Vehicles Standards Agency) to ensure not only our premises, but all training material, record keeping, policy and training providers meet the standards required by the DVSA. This gives prospective Training Instructors the peace of mind that they are in the hands of experts and that their training will be of the highest possible standard.

Susan Newbon Is the Principal of Cats Eyes with a wealth of experience as an International driving instructor trainer of 34 years. As a Grade (A) ORDIT registered driving Instructor (previously  a (6) on the old marking system, the highest grade a driving instructor can achieve!) Susan is Principal Trainer at Cats Eyes; she heads our team of Driving Instructor Trainers. She has been training Driving Instructors successfully for many years in the United Kingdom and more recently in Saudi Arabia as Senior Assessor. Susan has developed driving school programs for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Instructors, Master Trainers, Examiners and Lecturers as well as conducting tests as an Examiner for both learners and driving instructors Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the instructors qualifying examinations. She is a member of The Institute of Advanced Motorists, The Driving Instructors Association and The Motor Schools Association.

With her high standards you can be assured that your training will be of the highest quality.

All of our Instructor Trainers originally trained with Cats Eyes – this ensures consistency in training methods. If you qualify with Cats Eyes, it is likely you will be offered a position within our Driving School.

Deciding if this is the career for you

Unfortunately not everyone is suitable to become a Driving Instructor. You will need good people/communication skills combined with a lot of patience and good business sense. We like to meet and chat with all our prospective Instructors before they commit to a training programme. We recommend downloading the ADI 14 to help you decide if this is the right choice of career and what to expect next. 

The Cats Eyes training programme

The Cats Eyes Instructor Training programme is very flexible and tailored to fit around your lifestyle. You may wish to book a two-week intensive Instructor Course (which can be residential) or perhaps you would like to spread the course to fit in with your current commitments or work? Either option that you choose – Cats Eyes will be the best choice for you. If you wish to be sent a brochure and list of fees please feel free to contact the Instructor Training Booking Team on 0800 0280 406.

Please don’t just take our words for it – have a look at some of the comments our training instructors have made and how a Cats Eyes Instructor Course changed their life!

Part one examination training

£199.00 + P&P

Part two examination training

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Part three examination training

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Part three training diagrams

£40.00 + P&P

Standards check & rescue training

We provide Standards Check and Rescue Training for Approved Driving Instructors and Trainees who would like reassurance that their tuition is up to date and can achieve that highest possible grade. This training is conducted on a two-hourly basis for as many hours as is required.

Franchises with Cats Eyes Driving School

Cats Eyes Driving School is constantly expanding and therefore looking for new instructors to join our successful team. If you would like more information on the exciting opportunities for instructors in your area with Cats Eyes, please call our Instructor Recruitment Team on 0800 0280 406


“Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help at Cats Eyes, with my part 3 training. I was really pleased with my result; I couldn’t have done it without your expert training worth every penny.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to your team at Cats Eyes for all the help and guidance given, initially as a PDI and then my goal as an ADI. It wasn’t easy but you helped me with patience and understanding.”

Steve ADI

“Thank you for getting me through my training, without your help I know I would have failed my last chance at my ADI part 3. I know I still have lots to learn and only wish I had come to Cats Eyes earlier than I had. Speak to you again for my check test.”

Carl ADI

“Thanks for all your help! You’ve been a huge inspiration I’ll never forget, thank you.”

Emma ADI

“I’m writing to acknowledge the brilliant support I received from Cats Eyes Driving School. Firstly they are extremely approachable and professional, I had a wonderful experience and my accommodation was excellent; they were warm and welcoming.”


“As a new trainee instructor I felt very out of my depth but with the fantastic support from Cats Eyes I became a PDI and worked towards qualifying as a ADI and I have not looked back, it was well worth all the hard work and the patience of Sue Newbon and her team. I am now the Senior Instructor Trainer in Plymouth. Thanks again Sue.”

Mark ADI

“Cats Eyes Driving School offers a high standard of training, are highly supportive and are always there when you need them and that’s what makes them different from all the other companies I have worked with.”

Fiona ADI